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Learning FAST and GREEN


  • Federazione Autonoma dei Sindacati dei Trasporti – Italy


  • Coalición Sindical Independiente de Trabajadores de Madrid – CSIT Unión Profesional – Spain
  • Zwiazek Zawodowy Dyzurnych Ruchu Polskich Kolei Panstwowych – Poland
  • Lietuvos Teisėsaugos Pareigūnų Federacija / Law Enforcement Officers Federation of Lithuania


  • Federation of Transport Workers Podkrepa – Bulgariaf
  • Riga Business Association – Latvia
  • The Municipality Gjorce Petrov – Macedonia


18 months, 01/02/2019 – 31/07/2020


In a period of 18 months of project duration, the overall objective of the project is to improve the engagement of trade unions’ representatives in the development and implementation of environmental policy at the company level. Main gold of the project is to prepare trade unions’ local representatives to understand the new environmental and socioeconomic issues associated with actions aimed at sustainability. Trade unions are having a key role in industrial dialogue, industrial policies, so they have to understand climate change’s consequences on employment and integrate environmental policy design in their respective companies.


  • Develop better acknowledging of the importance of involving the sustainability issues in trade unions’ activity (negotiations etc.)
  • Improve the quality of services that the administration provides to citizens.
  • Give input to the local trade unions’ representatives with the objective of being able to represent these issues at the local and sectoral level
  • Create a best practice network of different countries and realities having similar sustainability and competitiveness problems
  • Give competences to read the European legal framework
  • Develop the capacity to integrate the ecological efficiency’s objectives in the negotiations.
  • Organization of training courses for trade union members on employment rights, health and safety, and other issues as well as courses on basic skills and courses leading to professional qualifications in the Public Service Sector.


    • Kick off meeting – (Italy), 01/02/2019- 15/02/2019, 1 day, 2 participants per organization
    • Training course – (Lithuania), 01/03/2019 – 03/03/2019, 2 days, 3 participants per organization
    • A national working group in every country among the representatives of trade unions (every country at the national level), 19/04/2019-24/09/2019, 1 day, 15 participants per country.
    • Study visit – (Poland), 25/08/2018- 05/09/2019, 1 day, 2 participants per organization
    • Steering committee – (Spain), 10/09/2019- 17/12/2019, 1 day, 2 participants per organization
    • Final conference – (Italy), 05/01/2020- 01/08/2020, 1 day, 3 people per organization


This project activity is expected to raise awareness of the undertakings about the application of the EU law and set of Directives on the transfer of undertakings and employee involvement on a national level, with particular stress to the transport sector. It is a great opportunity for sharing experience, good practice and know-how among the representatives of trade unions and employer organizations in the transport sector from different countries in Europe. During the foreseen international and national meetings, it is expected to be prepared and promoted adequate mechanisms at national multiple levels about the information of the application of EU laws and policies on employee involvement. Thru the number of envisaged discussions, it is expected to be developed tools for exercising the influence of decision-making process and active participation of the undertakings within the transport sector and the participants of the project activities will have opportunity to compare its functioning in the Member states and Candidate countries. What is very significant as a result of this action is to strengthen the transnational cooperation among the trade unions around Europe and establish a sustainable network which will result with long-term cooperation towards achieving joint aims and fruitful results.

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